Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Great News!

Hi, I got wonderful news today and would like to share it with you! A story I wrote was accepted and published on "Associated Content's" web site!!! My story is titled The Forgotten Child, and can be read by all at

Please do visit my story's direct link (above), I'm excited about this latest story being published and would love for all my dear readers & subscribers to share in my excitement too! And to enjoy the story!

On another subject, I also found a great supportive website for men & women who are childless, but not by choice! It is a forum-style group in which everyone on the forum understands, and has been through, heartbreak, sorrow and pain in trying to have children. In case you are in the same situation as I and the wonderful people on "Childless, Not By Choice's" forum, you can check out their site at They are also known by their initials -- CNBC.I love the warm welcome I received there and the emotional support, and do plan to go back in when I'm not so darn busy here! Everyone at "Childless, Not By Choice (CNBC)" is in the same boat so-to-speak.

Unfortunately, there is a great divide between men & women who have children and those that couldn't due to medical problems or whatever the cause of their infertility may be. Choosing not to have children and not being able to have children are two very different situations ... not being able to have children is full of sorrow, pain and heartbreak every time a pregnancy ends in miscarriage or never happens; unlike those who chose to prevent having children ever. The cruel comments uninformed people make adds to Childless, Not By Choice's heartbreak...

The ironic thing about finding "Childless, Not By Choice's (CNBC)" website was that three days before I came across their site I had begun writing a story/article titled, "Childless, Not By Choice" offline!!! And, yes, I told all the wonderful people on CNBC's forum this fact; they too felt it was truly ironic and that there had to be a guiding force behind me finding their site!

The reason I began my story/article titled, "Childless, Not By Choice!" was because it saddens me that women who do have children barely speak to me. They should think about the heartbreak that women and men who are childless not by choice are suffering through -- all those fertility treatments, spending a fortune on trying to have a child, and still no baby to bring home! No, it isn't always easy to bear children and people have to realize this, and stop being so insensitive to others. That's why I'm ecstatically happy that I found "Childless, Not By Choice's" website -- it's a wonderful place where everyone truly understands.

Please don't forget to read my story, "The Forgotten Child" on "Associated Content's" website! In case you missed it above, the direct link to my story is:

After you're done reading it, I would love to hear from you on what you thought of the story! So, please don't be shy... you can comment here or send me an email through my website ("contact me" button). Thank you for coming here and reading my great news today!

Happy Mother's Day to those who are mothers and those who have mothers!!!

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