Saturday, April 29, 2006

Reply to My First Commentor, Eveline Maedel

Thank you, Eveline, for being the first to write a comment here and welcoming me to the Blogging World!

In reply to Eveline's comment, please watch for the REDESIGN of my author site and the home of The Cat's Meow for Writers & Readers Ezine, in which we will have a "subscribe button" right on the Home page...the new design and layout will be launched on June 1st, 2006.

Until June 1st, to "subscribe" to my ezine you must click on the "Contact Me" button, located at the bottom left-hand side of my web site, a blank email form opens up with my email address on there; just write in the body of the email your name & email address and in the Subject Line write "Subscribe" and I will know you would like to receive The Cat's Meow for Writers & Readers Ezine every month in your inbox! Of course after June 1st, this won't be necessary to do because we will have a "Sign Up For The Ezine" button which will be our "subscribe button"! Are you wondering if you must 'pay' to access my ezine and web site? If you are, the answer is no you do not have to pay; both are FREE to access and read. Also thank you Eveline, for bringing up a good question! If anybody else has any questions to ask, please do write in the comment box and I will answer them as honestly as I can.

I would love to stay here longer, because there was something I was going to write about that has been bothering me but, unfortunately, my husband is telling me it's time to go food shopping, etc. Things I must do inside the of the many drawbacks of being a 'woman' writer! Will write more at a later date. Take care everyone, and have a wonderful weekend now that the weather here in New York is getting nicer.

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