Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Not Cool to Discuss Certain Subjects

I am writing during a spring storm as the rain tears are dancing on my window sill and I'm just waiting for a power surge to wreck havoc with the computer ... but before it does I have a quick question for my readers: who amongst us has regretted bringing up religion or politics?

If you raised your hands that you have regretted talking about either religion or politics, you're not alone! They are definitely two very touchy and controversial topics to discuss.

My advice is to change the subject whenever an ill-informed person brings up either religion or politics. A person could ask you something as innocent as: "so what religion are you?" No need to tell anyone but your close friends or family. Although of course your family would not ask that question because they are basically the same religion as you. Same goes for politics. If someone innocently asks you, "who're you voting for?" Don't tell them! Just say instead, "I prefer to keep my vote between me and the voting booth."

I found out the hard way it is much wiser to NOT talk about these two controversial subjects at all. Sometimes it's not wise to discuss them even with your own family! I pretty much have no regrets in my life, but discussing, debating and/or talking about religion or politics I have regreted.

Now if you would like to discuss advocacy work with other's, that is fine to do. That's a safe topic :) So long as it doesn't touch on political advocacy.

I truly wish this rain would cool everything off, so far it's still 86 degrees and extremely humid! I am trying real hard to not turn on the air conditioning during the thing with my hubby and I is trying to "save" on electricity. Before I actually do get a power surge I'm signing off for now. Will talk more with you at a less frazzled time. Till then, please take care of yourself and your loved ones.

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