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Many apologies for losing touch with you, my readers, however I have been extremely busy with writing projects - besides publishing The Cat's Meow - and with taking care of my hubby after many hospitalizations over the years. I am writing today to share my current book on the market's reader reviews with you that are published on the site ""; they are below: Mirrored ImagesMirrored Images by Rosanne Catalano

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Reader(s) Reviews of "Mirrored Images by Rosanne Catalano":

***** "I purchased a copy of Rosanne Catalano’s book, Mirrored Images, and this short collection of short stories (you will have to try real hard to decide which are fact or fiction!), articles and poetry, both touched my heart and made me smile. Rosanne’s book Mirrored Images is truly a great read! It touched me because of the love shown for her parents, our Creator, and her second husband. It touched me because I was the kid with glasses who was bullied and picked on and I could feel Rosanne's pain when it happened to her. It touched me because I have lost my parents and her tribute to her father, and mother, brought back all of the good times and love I had with/for my own parents. It touched me because Rosanne, as I feel so many of us are but never put it into words so eloquently, is a survivor. I believe we all have guardian angels and Mirrored Images proves it to all who will listen. No one but angels could have saved her from bullies in junior high school, have looked over her until she finally found the perfect mate, and still guide her to this day in her writing craft. These are stories we should not only want to read, enjoy reading, but they are stories we all need to hear. I get a glimpse of the love and courage that Rosanne shows, and shares, in her magazine--and our most welcome online correspondence. Rosanne is writing a continuation of Mirrored Images titled 'Escape and Redemption'. I can't wait to read that! But first, my readers, you must read Mirrored Images."
--Barbara ("Barb") Deming; author, writing instructor & publisher.

***** "I read Rosanne Catalano's book Mirrored Images and I love it! She had somewhat of a hard life in some areas and a good one in others. She had a lot of heartache, with the loss of friends early in her life, and the ridicule and horrendous behaviors of other kids when she was in junior high school. Though it sounds like Rosanne had a most wonderful dad and grandmother too; her grandmother reminded me so much of my own grandmother who passed away last year! I enjoyed very much reading all of Rosanne's different short stories and the poems she included. I really loved reading about her little cheese episode in ‘Christmas With Grandma,’ and her little sneaky trek to the store thinking she could hurriedly fix what she had EATEN...LOL!!! I LOVED THIS STORY--------- And I can still see her so clearly eating all of the cheese! CONGRATULATIONS go out to Rosanne Catalano all the way around!! I will get her next book soon...I like her book’s title by the way, and the picture of Rosanne on the back cover; she looks sooo relaxed."
--Sandra L. Hoynacki; author, poet & retired nursing professional.

**** "Rosanne Catalano's book, Mirrored Images, was a delightful read! I LOVED IT!!!! If the abuse at school and all was about her, Rosanne has become a beautiful person and woman. I'm so glad she now has a wonderful spouse and that her life is presently filled with love."
--Carol Dee Meeks; author, poet & writer.

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