Monday, January 08, 2007

Happy New Year Everyone

Wow, so far this new year has turned out to be a good one! I've been just as busy as I was last year but I finally completed my 2nd book. It is titled Mirrored Images [1] and is available to purchase on my website! I managed to get my second book finished and published all while working on publishing my progressive-magazine. I also had two story articles published so far this year; Christmas with Grandma, a story article, was published in Storytime Tapestry newsletter and Midnight in the Morning, a short story, was accepted and published on's website. And now I must concentrate on writing my 2nd column for Wt~In Spirit magazine. That deadline is February 1st so I've got to get my rear end moving here!

But now I'm exhausted so I'm signing off to get some much needed sleep; it truly has been a hectic month! Please don't forget to read the January 10th, 2007 issue of my magazine when it's online at See you all next month ... till then, try to stay nice-n-warm during the cold blustery months here in the north, and have a wonderful January!

Publisher: The Cat's Meow for Writers & Readers Ezine, an online progressive-magazine
Author: Mirrored Images [1] (2007), Touch of Tomorrow-In Loving Memory (2003) and numerous story articles published in print & online, with more to come...
Columnist: Wt~In Spirit Christian Literary print-magazine.

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