Thursday, December 21, 2006

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All!

My dear friends, so sorry I haven't written anything on here in 2 months. I've been extremely busy with my magazine and, now, as a regular columnist for Wt~In Spirit, a print literary Magazine!

Although in between working our buns off, my husband and I did manage to sneak in a vacation & family visit to Florida last month for Thanksgiving :) We had a blast, and it was so wonderful seeing my mom, sister, brother-in-law and niece (who live in Florida)! I miss them already...

This is going to be much shorter than previous posts, have a lot of submissions for the January 2007 magazine coming in already. And I'm still in the process of writing my 2nd book (coming soon...), along with now being a regular columnist for Wt~In Spirit. I also continue to write short stories (nonfiction & fiction), poems and articles for other editors and publishers in print-editions and online!

Hope everyone has a very, very Merry Christmas (if you celebrate it), Happy Holidays (if you don't), and a healthy and prosperous New Year to come! May all your New Year goals come true!

See you all in 2007, and don't forget to visit my website and home of my magazine at: Also be sure to subscribe to Wt~In Spirit to read my new column and that of other great authors by going to, and asking for a subscription (Wt~In Spirit is a print-magazine ONLY). Thank you for the support!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This month is a very important one for all. I'll tell you why...
In 1998 when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, the radiologist and her doctor told her that the cancer had begun spreading like the roots of a tree. But they caught the cancer in time! After my mom's diagnosis, she went for surgery (a lumpectomy and lymph node removal) and radiation treatment. No chemotherapy except for the tamoxifen pills for 5 years, which acted like chemo only in pill-form. She is now an 8-year-cancer-survivor thanks to a mammogram! And she is finally off the tamoxifen pills! Though I still worry about her. Because I know breast cancer, or any type of cancer, can re-occur. Luckily for us though, she still goes for her yearly mammograms to make sure her cancer does not come back ever. Early detection saved my mother's life. I know it can save your's or someones you love!

But what happens if a woman CANNOT AFFORD to get A MAMMOGRAM? What do they do? It's heartbreaking that some people cannot afford mammograms! This is why I'm asking you to please TELL 10 FRIENDS TO CLICK ON The Breast Cancer website at

Let me explain. I received an email from a dear friend in which it said that The Breast Cancer website is having trouble getting enough people to click on their site daily to meet their quota of DONATING at least ONE FREE MAMMOGRAM A DAY to an underprivileged woman. So if you go to The Breast Cancer site it doesn't cost you a thing, but could SAVE A LIFE!

Also in this email, it said that The Breast Cancer website's corporate sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily visits to DONATE ONE FREE MAMMOGRAM in exchange for advertising. The more visitors The Breast Cancer site gets, the more their corporate sponsors and advertisers will make ONE PERSON feel like a million bucks by receiving a donation of a FREE MAMMOGRAM!

So won't you please help by taking a minute out of your busy day and clicking on their website? Here's the website again:


Thank you!

Rosanne Catalano
(a.k.a. R.C.Kayla)
Publisher: The Cat's Meow for Writers & Readers Ezine (an online progressive magazine);
Author: Touch of Tomorrow - In Loving Memory (book of poetry) and numerous short stories, poetry and articles published online & in print, with more to come...
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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Letters to the Publisher

Hi all, I want to write about a letter I received last month. This letter wasn't from a reader of The Cat's Meow for Writers & Readers Ezine; most of the letters I do receive from members & readers are congratulatory in tone. It was from a woman in response to something I had written on the message boards. The board asked what we thought in regards to Oprah defending her close friendship with Gayle King. Which, I personally, don't feel Oprah had to explain to anyone. That was kind of her to do anyway.

I wrote on Oprah's website that it doesn't matter whether Oprah and Gayle are having a relationship or not; that what does matter is that Oprah HELPS PEOPLE in need and therefore her sexual orientation truly does not matter. I tend to believe Oprah when she says she's 100% heterosexual and in a longtime relationship with her man Stedman Graham, and that her relationship with Gayle King is a close and longtime friendship. A kind of friendship I wish I had with my women friends! The bottom line is: it truly doesn't matter what celebrities do in their personal lives! But what does matter is that they give monetary aid to people in need, when they do give. I applaud those who do.

The woman writer who wrote in to me had this to say, "I read your comments on Oprah...did you know she gave NOTHING to help NY after 9/11? She said, and I will never forget it, 'I will write my check after I see where the money goes' which is smart to do...not to say as a celebrity...but that stuck with me about her...she gave nothing to help out in that disaster...but hey...Africa needs something, she is there! That didn't help her image at all. Just wanted to share this tidbit with you...yes she has done a lot...but she only helps certain people...I don't think that is ok...if other celebrities did that they would be called prejudiced." In response to her, I defended Oprah Winfrey. And in response of me defending Oprah, the writer wrote back, "I appreciate your response...but your comment about Hurricane Katrina was interesting...99% of the people she helped that were affected by it were 'minorities' out came her check book and the big publicity stunt."

My response to her after that? Hey who better to HELP minorities than Oprah Winfrey, a billionaire ten times over who has experienced poverty first-hand while she was growing up in Mississippi! As an "advocate" for animals and children, I strongly feel that minorities also need our help when we have enough money to give. Think about this: you're a millionaire (or, in Oprah's case, a billionaire) and want to give back to the people who need it since there were people who helped you on your climb to success. Makes sense, no? I think so. I'm glad Oprah Winfrey HELPS minorities and the African people! If I had the kind of money Oprah does, I too would give monetary aid to help people who need the aid the most! I also defend animals and children because they are the 'innocents' of this world and truly need our help. I do not belive Oprah is prejudice in giving her aid (as that woman writer felt...), more 'choosy' in whom she gives monetary aid to is my opinion. Let's face it, New York didn't need financial aid from celebrities after 9/11 but did need it from the federal government. As simple as that.

I understand why Oprah said that about seeing where the money is going first...a lot of celebrities were burned in the past by so-called charities giving to themselves & their staff rather than the people who needed the aid! Please, that's a fact about some charities -- they pay their staff and themselves first & foremost before giving to those who are in need of that very aid! Their GREEDINESS takes preference over helping the people their charities are supposed to help. That's why Oprah said what she said. And I agree with her.

As a non-celebrity, let's say I gave my hard-earned money to a charity that's supposed to help children, and then find out that the money I sent in went to the organization's staff rather than the children my money should have gone to? I would be upset with the CEO of that charity and never give them my money again! What makes people think Oprah's money wasn't as hard-earned as mine or your's is?! Of course her money was hard-earned! She works extremely hard for her TV show, the "O Magazine" and helping other people. It's a well known fact she gives generously to her staff; even pays for their vacations! And last but not least, let's not forget about her "Angel Network" which helps people of all races, not just minorities or Africans! Not to mention Oprah's "Book Club" in which she highlights new authors whose books have touched her.

Me thinks that woman who wrote into me is suffering from 'elitism.' She was obviously a white person who is mad with Oprah for giving to those who need our help more: minorities and the African people. A very sad commentary on the way people are today. Some refuse to give financial aid unless the people they are giving to have the same color skin, or religion, as them. Not the right thing to do at all! In the eyes of our Father in heaven, we are all the same... we are all His children whom He loves unconditionally.

Thank you for listening today. I had to get that off my shoulders; it upset me tremendously. That woman writer is entitled to her opinions, but to knock Oprah who does all she can for those in need?! I love all people (except for the greedy and unloving ones) and do not feel it was right that she went on to tell me (in her letter) that she refuses to watch Oprah's TV show now, because she feels Oprah is prejudice against white people. She's not...she has helped ALL PEOPLE, no matter what color or religion they are. If I'm wrong about this, please write in and let me know. But I don't think so. I say this because I've been watching Oprah's TV show since it's inception in 1986, and feel she gives a lot of financial aid to all of the people of this world. Back to the subject of sexual orientation: celebrities have a right to their private lives as much as we do. And should not have to explain and defend what they do behind closed doors so long as they entertain us in their movies, TV shows, etc.; for that is what they get paid to do, entertain us! BUT if they also want to 'help' with financial aid that's wonderful and shows what good hearts they do have. We are all ONE... the Human race.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th of July America!

Happy Independence Day!

It has been way too long since last I wrote, I apologize for this. Have been extremely busy with life in general!

Came on here with lots of great ideas to write about but then my younger cat jumped into my lap, began to lick my hand (awww) and all those ideas went out the window...ADHD for you. Yep I have ADHD which stands for attention-deficit hyperactive disorder, but I like to call it a "disease"; disorder sounds so wrong. I've learned to deal with it but forget about distracting me...whenever my husband or two cats do this, I totally forget the task that needs to be done. So in this case instead I'll write about an article I recently read in a magazine and my opinion of it...

The article was writing about Tom Cruise, his girlfriend Katie Holmes and their baby daughter Suri. In this article, the writer was wondering "where's Suri? and why has she not been seen in public when all new parents' can't wait to show off their newborn???" I sure do not want to be sued for writing my personal opinion of what I think could be the reason why, but their actions remind me of a couple I knew about 22 yrs ago... This couple never, ever showed their newborn baby girl to any of their friends; people who had shared in their joy & happiness on their wedding day two years prior to her giving birth. Nor did she show off their baby to any of the women who attended her baby shower! Leading me to conclude something was very wrong with their child, and they were ashamed of whatever their baby's problem was. I say this because they would also hide behind their screened door when friends came to visit, never letting friends inside and so on.

Never did find out why they behaved this way...unhappy and secretive about anyone seeing their newborn daughter; no joy or happiness nor showing her off to the world as all new parents do!

It saddens me that this couple and I lost touch with one another once I moved out of upstate New York (Westchester county, to be precise) after my divorce, and they never knew how my heart went out to them. Instead of reaching out to their friends, they isolated themselves and held in their heartache at the sadness surrounding their daughter's birth. I'm sure that their families knew why but they never said a thing to 'friends'...

Why is it that some people become so secretive if something goes wrong and their baby is born with a problem?! This is extremely tragic. It should be brought out in the open, talked about to lessen the parent's sorrow and the stigma attached to being hid away as if she were a pariah, which will follow the child around for the rest of their life! Bringing awareness of whatever the child's problem is would have been a better alternative for that couple.

Too bad they didn't follow another couple I knew and their example. This other couple handled their baby girl's disability so much better... the couple's daughter was born with a type of Palsy yet they showed their newborn off to the world, their friends and family. And treated their little girl like you would a normal child, except the mother would acknowledge that her daughter was a "special needs" child and therefore needed more attention than her older son. I thought it was wonderful that this little girl wasn't hid away from the world due to her medical diagnosis of Palsy, and wish the other couple I once knew had done the same.

I often wonder what happened with that one couple and their child... questions that will never be answered since we all lost touch. Whether a child is born with Autism, Down Syndrome, Epilepsy, Mental Retardation, or any number of diseases & birth defects the child should never, ever be hid away from the world! I sure hope I am wrong about why I think Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have not been showing Suri off to the entire world -- for their sakes! -- but if it is the reason, they should not be ashamed of the problem because their celebrity status could even bring further awareness to whatever the problem may be.

Now I've got to get to my in-laws' house for their 4th of July barbecue! Will write more at a later date...

Have a wonderful 4th of July! Stay tuned for more of my writing...

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Great News!

Hi, I got wonderful news today and would like to share it with you! A story I wrote was accepted and published on "Associated Content's" web site!!! My story is titled The Forgotten Child, and can be read by all at

Please do visit my story's direct link (above), I'm excited about this latest story being published and would love for all my dear readers & subscribers to share in my excitement too! And to enjoy the story!

On another subject, I also found a great supportive website for men & women who are childless, but not by choice! It is a forum-style group in which everyone on the forum understands, and has been through, heartbreak, sorrow and pain in trying to have children. In case you are in the same situation as I and the wonderful people on "Childless, Not By Choice's" forum, you can check out their site at They are also known by their initials -- CNBC.I love the warm welcome I received there and the emotional support, and do plan to go back in when I'm not so darn busy here! Everyone at "Childless, Not By Choice (CNBC)" is in the same boat so-to-speak.

Unfortunately, there is a great divide between men & women who have children and those that couldn't due to medical problems or whatever the cause of their infertility may be. Choosing not to have children and not being able to have children are two very different situations ... not being able to have children is full of sorrow, pain and heartbreak every time a pregnancy ends in miscarriage or never happens; unlike those who chose to prevent having children ever. The cruel comments uninformed people make adds to Childless, Not By Choice's heartbreak...

The ironic thing about finding "Childless, Not By Choice's (CNBC)" website was that three days before I came across their site I had begun writing a story/article titled, "Childless, Not By Choice" offline!!! And, yes, I told all the wonderful people on CNBC's forum this fact; they too felt it was truly ironic and that there had to be a guiding force behind me finding their site!

The reason I began my story/article titled, "Childless, Not By Choice!" was because it saddens me that women who do have children barely speak to me. They should think about the heartbreak that women and men who are childless not by choice are suffering through -- all those fertility treatments, spending a fortune on trying to have a child, and still no baby to bring home! No, it isn't always easy to bear children and people have to realize this, and stop being so insensitive to others. That's why I'm ecstatically happy that I found "Childless, Not By Choice's" website -- it's a wonderful place where everyone truly understands.

Please don't forget to read my story, "The Forgotten Child" on "Associated Content's" website! In case you missed it above, the direct link to my story is:

After you're done reading it, I would love to hear from you on what you thought of the story! So, please don't be shy... you can comment here or send me an email through my website ("contact me" button). Thank you for coming here and reading my great news today!

Happy Mother's Day to those who are mothers and those who have mothers!!!

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Reply to My First Commentor, Eveline Maedel

Thank you, Eveline, for being the first to write a comment here and welcoming me to the Blogging World!

In reply to Eveline's comment, please watch for the REDESIGN of my author site and the home of The Cat's Meow for Writers & Readers Ezine, in which we will have a "subscribe button" right on the Home page...the new design and layout will be launched on June 1st, 2006.

Until June 1st, to "subscribe" to my ezine you must click on the "Contact Me" button, located at the bottom left-hand side of my web site, a blank email form opens up with my email address on there; just write in the body of the email your name & email address and in the Subject Line write "Subscribe" and I will know you would like to receive The Cat's Meow for Writers & Readers Ezine every month in your inbox! Of course after June 1st, this won't be necessary to do because we will have a "Sign Up For The Ezine" button which will be our "subscribe button"! Are you wondering if you must 'pay' to access my ezine and web site? If you are, the answer is no you do not have to pay; both are FREE to access and read. Also thank you Eveline, for bringing up a good question! If anybody else has any questions to ask, please do write in the comment box and I will answer them as honestly as I can.

I would love to stay here longer, because there was something I was going to write about that has been bothering me but, unfortunately, my husband is telling me it's time to go food shopping, etc. Things I must do inside the of the many drawbacks of being a 'woman' writer! Will write more at a later date. Take care everyone, and have a wonderful weekend now that the weather here in New York is getting nicer.

Publisher: "The Cat's Meow for Writers & Readers Ezine" (A Progressive Online Magazine)
Author: "Touch of Tomorrow - In Loving Memory" (book of poetry) and numerous short stories, poetry and articles published online & in print.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Welcome to my first blog post: dated April 15, 2006!

Wow! Can't believe I'm actually blogging now! Though I'm a publisher and author, not too sure what we're supposed to write here but I know this can be an extension of sorts of my ezine. Haven't written in my AOL journal (which was supposed to be a Blog!) since last summer when my stepdad was ill in the hospital, he has since passed away as did my dad two months later (in October). My dad passing was a total shock because I hadn't even known he was as sick as he was... I still miss them both terribly.

But do realize life goes on, and the best way to honor them is to celebrate their lives and mine...and boy do I have a lot to celebrate! Publication of more short stories and poems I wrote made my whole year, and we have been gaining lots of new subscribers to The Cat's Meow for Writers & Readers Ezine! It warms me that so many people love reading the ezine I created to help get helpful information into the hands of those who may not have this info at there disposal, and to showcase up coming new writers and established authors.

One of my contributing authors started out as an up and coming new writer, and since being published numerous times in our ezine has now gone on to start her own freelancing business...thank you God for helping my contributing authors become as successful with their own writing. Now my ezine has gained a Bronze Award for Outstanding Achievement in Ezine Publishing and has lots of loyal readers and subscribers.

And, last but definitely not least, thank you God for sending Nancy Currie my way because without Nancy I wouldn't be able to publish The Cat's Meow for Writers & Readers Ezine every month... and she's been there for me when I wanted to just give up on the ezine publishing to concentrate more on my own writing. But I have since found a happy medium, where I set aside time to write, then submit my work to various markets, and still write, edit and publish my ezine. Oh, and that doesn't even include the household chores I must do as a housewife to keep our home nice and clean and livable! There is just not enough hours in a day to do all that we want and need to do.

I must sign off now, because I'm tired from being at the dentist's office 2 hours...yep, my dentist had me in that chair for 2 HOURS!!! As much as I like my dentist and his assistants, I jumped for joy when I finally got out of that chair, wasn't my idea of a nice way to spend a beautiful Saturday afternoon. HAPPY EASTER to all those who celebrate it!

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