Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th of July America!


With all the fireworks, barbecues and other celebrations going on, are we forgetting that today, July 4, 2008, America is 232 years old? Something to think about while you're enjoying the fireworks... 232 years ago The United States of America was born as a Nation where all can be free of tyranny.

Also this year, The United States of America has come a looong way politically. I say, "yay it's about time that, for the first time in our country's history, an African American is running for the toughest job!" What will be even more of a milestone for America is when a "woman" becomes President of this great country. That day will come eventually. I just hope I live long enough to see a woman as the United States of America's President; 2008 just wasn't that year. However, an African American "man" running for the toughest job is wonderful too, and I applaud Barack Obama for taking a bold step for all Americans! I just pray he lives up to his promises for "change."

On another note, I wanted to discuss something that may be controversial but has upset me for some time...

That is: I'd like to know why some women parade around nude, or semi-naked, on the internet??? Did these women ever hear the saying, "Leave a lot to the man's imagination..."?!?
The reason I'm bringing this controversial subject up is because I have been getting a lot of 'friend requests' on my MySpace page; where these women have no shame or modesty -- showing me their boobs, rear ends and other things I do not want to see. Yet I do state on my MySpace page that I am married and heterosexual. Can they NOT read English? Don't get me wrong, I am definitely not a prude by any stretch of the imagination. Nor am I that religious; I do believe, and have Faith, in Jesus Christ and our heavenly Father but I do not attend church. Sorry I digress...

To continue -- Of course I always reject these womens' friend requests, because I feel women have a lot more to offer this world than just their nakedness. And it does bother me that the women's parents did not teach them to have pride in their own bodies. Yes, I blame the parents! For not teaching their daughters empowerment, and right from wrong. It is WRONG to parade around naked in front of strange men and women. Simple as that. I feel that only your husband or wife should see your uncovered body.

I love America -- the land of the free and brave, however, as an American, I have the 'right' to not want to see or be friends with women who are that stupid they don't leave anything to a man's imagination! What they do have is no brains or morality. I created a MySpace page to network with others in my writing & publishing profession.

Not to network, or be friends, with stupid and silly bimbos who show ALL to the world; whether or not they know or love the people. I guess those particular women have only their bodies and faces to offer, and nothing more, since they don't seem to have any pride whatsoever. My friends take pride in their own empowerment as a human being not a bunch of body parts. Enough said.

Thank you for listening to my vent today. HAPPY 232nd BIRTHDAY AMERICA; may our great country have many, many more happy birthdays!

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