Friday, February 15, 2008

Recent College Shooting A Tragedy!

I was so saddened to hear and read about the recent shooting at Northern Illionis University. My heartfelt condolences go out to the victims and their families...

And this is why I say that now, not tomorrow, is the time mental illness gets talked about, and discussed, on college campuses all over the world to prevent another one of these tragic shootings!

If a person had a noticably visibile illness such as a physical one, it would be talked about and discussed by the medical profession and general public, so why not an invisibile one that is a chemical imbalance in the sufferer's brain???

A great place to go for more information about mental illness is the web site!

NAMI provides wonderful and knowledegable information on, and about, mental illnesses and their symptoms, and much more! NAMI is also a place a person can go to for help & resources if they suspect they're suffering with a mental illness or they've already been diagnosed with a mental illness.

NAMI also has knowledegable guest bloggers who are sometimes celebrities that suffer with mental illness (one recent guest blogger was the actress Patty Duke, and it was very interesting what she wrote on NAMI's blog)!

For those interested in more knowledge and info on mental illnesses, NAMI's link is: Oh my, I forgot to tell you what NAMI's initials stand for...they stand for National Alliance for the Mentally Ill [NAMI]. And yes, I'm also an advocate for the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill along with all my other advocacy work I quietly do.

Knowledge and information has the power to prevent another tragedy like the Northern Illinois University killings! So why not go to NAMI's web site today, and see it for yourself.

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