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Excerpt from "Mirrored Images" by Rosanne Catalano

Hello dear readers,

Below I am bringing you an excerpt of my book "Mirrored Images" for your reading pleasure...

Mirrored Images
A Book of Short Stories and Poetry
(aka R.C.Kayla)

Copyright 2007 by Rosanne Catalano
All Rights Reserved.


On October 13, 2005 I got the worst news any child can get...my dad passed away after a month and a half in the hospital fighting asbestos lung cancer.

I had been at his hospital bedside practically all day and night that month and a half. But this story and the way my father was treated in that hospital is another story for another time.

Today I would like to tell you why I'm starting off with a poem I wrote in dedication to my dad. Although he was a child-like father to my brother, sister and I, I will always love him unconditionally and truly wanted him to stay here on earth. But our Creator said it was time for my dad to join his brothers and sisters who went before. I am consoled by the fact he is no longer in any pain or discomfort due to the many health crises he suffered over the years after his first heart attack at the age of 52. He lived to the ripe old age of 81 years and, in spite of his poor health, lived a good life and always encouraged my love of writing. And, although my mom is still alive (thank you God!) she too encouraged my passion for writing. So, it is to both my late daddy and my mom that I dedicate my second book...

(c.) June 2006 Rosanne Catalano

On Father's Day I want to tell you
How much you mean to me
When you took me by the hand,
Oh how I loved you so
A little girl I was...

You took me in your arms
For the first dance with your daughter
And even though you directed me
A young woman I was...

I took you in my arms
Told you I loved you
Not knowing it would be the last time
You heard those words
An adult woman I am...

Though I always told you I love you,
I may not have told you of all the wonderful memories
Of growing up with you as my dad
Memories that continue to flood my mind
I remember the fun things you did
with your children --
my brother, sister and I.

The rollercoaster ride in your little Corvair
that made all three of us scream with delight
while going up and down those hills you drove upon
Telling us kids not to be afraid that you were, after all, a bus driver
and the safest driver around ... what fun that day turned out to be!
Now just memories of the little boy you never got to be
in that orphanage you grew into manhood in,
but were for us three.

I still miss thee and wish our Father above
hadn't called you home with
your brothers and sisters who went before.
I love you forever and ever more
and my heart is still breaking so...
and that is why I dedicate this book to you
Happy First Father's Day in heaven, Dad.

(c.) 2006 Rosanne Catalano

As she held tight to the steering wheel, the rays of the sun glinted off the windshield but she did not care; she continued to stare at the road ahead. She drove out of her hometown; not noticing the beauty all around. Her thoughts were on what had just happened at her job...

NOTE: There are a lot more (nonfiction and fiction) stories and another poem in my book "Mirrored Images". However, you may want to purchase the book at
Lulu Press or on my web site's Home Page to read the rest of my fiction short stories, nonfiction story articles and poem in dedication to my late beloved grandmother.

Also stay tuned for my first fiction novel which I am currently working on. I'm excited about my forthcoming fiction novel! It will be a fictionalized, and a "what if her life had turned out differently?", account of the life of a homeless woman I once knew. My upcoming fiction novel will have my story characters encountering murder, a robbery, a strange looking dog who befriends them, and many other bad things happening to them before they open up a pet store and become a success story beyond their wildest dreams.

Please do stay tuned for "Mirrored Images [2]" or "Split Moment"... sorry readers, I have not finalized my decision on the title of my first fiction novel (my upcoming third book). So it is a toss-up between these two titles. But do enjoy reading my second book "Mirrored Images"; now on sale at my web site's
Home Page and at Lulu Press' web site!

I must also tell you that on my author interview at
Time With Tannia's web site, Tannia Ortiz-Lopes has an old description of my book "Mirrored Images". And therefore the amount of pages listed in my book's description is incorrect. Instead of 55 pages, "Mirrored Images" now has 71 pages as of August 2007. However, this is my fault for not realizing Tannia still had the original description of my book. If I had realized this, I would have definitely given Tannia Ortiz-Lopes the updated information. Sorry about that readers! But I do hope you enjoy reading "Mirrored Images" despite this error on my part...

God bless,
Rosanne Catalano, (aka R.C.Kayla)
Publisher / Editor / Author
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