Saturday, September 08, 2007

Author Interview With Little 'Ole Me, Wow!

Hi dear readers,
Wow, Ms. Tannia Ortiz-Lopes is interviewing me! My author-interview is scheduled for next month and I'm ecstatic so I'd like to tell you all about my interview!

From October 1st - 31st, 2007, I will be the "Featured Author" on her Time With Tannia's website. Ms. Tannia Ortiz-Lopes, a published author herself, has on her website a section called "Featured Author" in which she highlights the achievements and accomplishments of different published authors every month. Tannia's website url, where my interview can be read the entire month of October, is:

Let me tell you how my author-interview came about...
Tannia had read an author-interview that another publisher, Carol Roach, had done with me for the internet-based ezine Carol herself publishes daily called "Storytime Tapestry". And Tannia felt my interview with Carol was so interesting that she wrote to me, requesting she interview me for her own Time With Tannia website.

In the interview Tannia asks me questions about myself, my writing, my internet-based magazine "The Cat's Meow for Writers & Readers Ezine", and my latest book Mirrored Images. As I said already, Mirrored Images is selling pretty well but could be selling better... I just don't have the time to advertise, market and promote my book as much as I should be doing. But from now on, I will try to make the time to do so.

I am very honored to be Tannia Ortiz-Lopes' "Featured Author" from October 1st - 31st, 2007! Tannia herself is a very talented writer and published author who resides in Germany with her husband and children. And I thank her for finding my life very interesting and wanting to interview me!

Come and check my interview out at Time With Tannia's website from October 1st to the 31st of 2007! I promise you won't be bored with the interview Tannia did of me. Hope to see you all there!

Rosanne Catalano
Publisher / Editor / Author
The Cat's Meow for Writers & Readers Ezine
Author: Mirrored Images (2007)

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