Monday, April 16, 2007

Guess that wasn't a popular topic!

Since no one made any comments about my Feb 10th posting, that means either it wasn't interesting or that porno was too controversial to comment upon. Of course I'm only guessing since I got no feedback whatsoever asking an innocent question of my readers... Oh well, life happens and we can't always know if we're writing about a subject that is of interest to our readers or not; without your feedback. So, today I'm writing about this scandal involving Imus in the about that Don Imus?!?

Although I never listened to him, I know 77 million people did for over 30 years. It was very, very wrong what he said about the Rutgers University girls but Imus has always been as controversial as Howard Stern is and Andrew Dice Clay once was...anyone remember Andrew Dice Clay?

I didn't like Andrew Dice Clay either, but I know someone who loved him as much as those 77 million people loved listening to Don Imus. The only time that people stopped loving Andrew Dice Clay was when he cried in public, then the world thought of him as a sissy and stopped going to his shows. I'm not interjecting my personal opinion of these 3 men at all...but I will say that the radio station wasn't right to fire Don Imus; they should have given him "suspension without pay" as you would any employee before firing them after 30+ years.

A suspension without pay would have taught Imus in the Morning a lesson to keep his mouth shut from now on...but to fire him? I'm sorry, that wasn't right. Although I may not like him, or the other two controversial guys, millions of people around the world did. This scandal makes me afraid as a writer to say what I feel!! Whatever happened to Free Speech?!? Granted, Imus' 'speech' about those girls was downright mean and nasty, but in America he is entitled to say what he wants; whether we like it or not. That's called good 'ole Democracy. And, I for one, am fighting to get our right to free speech back...

Oh btw my dear readers, I sold another copy of "Mirrored Images", my second book, yay!!! At least this proves to me there are fans of my work out there, and I thank them very much for purchasing my book. And that's not even mentioning the many, many emails of praise and congratulations on doing an excellent job with my online magazine...thank you all!

Till next I get the time to come on here, have a blessed Spring!

Rosanne Catalano
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