Saturday, February 10, 2007

Have a Question...

My hubby reminded me last night of the time when we first fell in love, 9 years ago, and were openly affectionate with one another to the point two of our former friends were embarrassed rather than being happy for us that we were in love.

Their embarrassment at us opening kissing and hugging (nothing more) is something I will never understand. Yet people can watch a porno movie and not be embarrassed about watching two or more people totally drugged out and having sex?! Getting paid to have sex no less! That doesn't embarrass anyone; yet mine and my hubby openly displaying our love for one another does embarrass??? I don't get it.

If anyone can explain to me why watching a couple fall in love embarrasses other people but watching a porno movie doesn't, I would love to understand this. Because I do not understand one bit!

And now I'm cooking supper before I go lay my head down for that much-needed rest my body is crying out for...all week have been fighting off a bad cold and fever. Yet I did manage to complete my February 10th magazine [Valentine's Day Special Edition issue] and work on my third book-in-progress, plus other story articles for publication elsewhere. I hate to say this, but I don't know where I get the strength to do all has to be my passion for what I'm doing in writing & publishing! But in spite of how bad I'm feeling today, I was compelled to ask that question above; I truly don't understand why open displays of affection between a loving couple would embarrass other's...and yet watching porno movies does not embarrass other people! If you think I'm stupid or naive for not understanding "why" please do let me know lol. Thanks dear readers.

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