Friday, June 08, 2007

I'm Out of My Comfort Zone When Marketing My Book

Have you ever felt like a child out of its comfort zone when learning something new?!

If so you are definitely not alone! That's how I feel now. And why I carry my cheering squad of author (and publisher) friends as I tell you about my 2nd book, "Mirrored Images". I say this because I am a writer before I am a publisher and editor.

Writers, at one time, were not taught how to market, promote and advertise their books... in the old days of publishing, a writer just wrote! That was it. Writing alone is very hard work. Never mind then going out to market, advertise and promote our books! The book publishing houses years ago were the ones who marketed, promoted and advertised for the writer.Things have changed in the publishing industry.

Now a writer must also know the business aspect of marketing, promoting and advertising their very own books. Yes, knowing the business aspect comes in handy if you are a freelance-writer. But most writers don't start out freelancing.

I know you're extremely busy so I'll tell you why I'm writing today :)

My latest book, "Mirrored Images", is selling very well but could be selling better if I had the time to market, promote and advertise more than just in my internet-based magazine! So come and take a look-see at my book if you enjoy reading very quick short stories and poems that will touch your heart. You've got nothing to lose by reading Mirrored Images for a quick pleasure fix!

Why do I say a quick pleasure fix?! Because it's only 71 pages! You'll be finished reading my book before you know it. But I must warn you... afterward you may say to yourself, "I want more stories!"

So come on and check out a book written by a lesser known author than those well known ones! Just click on any of the brown-colored "Mirrored Images" links in this post, and it'll take you to Lulu Press, my book's home away from home :) I stake my reputation on the fact that you will not be bored by reading my book. Thank you in advance for purchasing "Mirrored Images"!

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