Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy New Year Everyone!

I pray you had a happy Holiday season, and that your New Year brings peace, happiness, love, good health and lots of prosperity! Now I have to vent about something...

What I'm going to say may sound ungrateful to some but not all; some would understand. Although I thank God that my husband and I were able to spend time with our families during Christmas and New Year's, I was very hurt that not one member of my family gave me gifts that had to do with my interests -- reading, writing and publishing. The Christmas presents I did receive had to do with music or clothes.

Now you're probably saying, "At least you got gifts! There are children and people in this world who did not get anything, or who didn't even have a holiday to speak of..." I do realize, and know very well, that there are people less fortunate than I.

But I am only human so I was extremely hurt that my Christmas gifts were meant more for someone else rather than me. Especially that all year long I was telling my husband (and my mom) exactly what I wanted. So please remember that when buying presents for someone other than yourself, we must think of what the gift-recipient would like or love rather than what we ourselves would like.

The one great thing about Christmas this year that I do not have to vent about is that my hubby and I were sooo happy to be with our loved one's! It is always special when we see our families, and we cherish the times spent with them.

However, what should we do if we have received Christmas presents from loved ones and friends that we either did not like or had nothing to do what we love? I finally decided what the most practical solution to this dilemna is --
Go out and purchase gifts for ourselves that's what we do!

Or, if you're like some I've been reading about on eBay, we can sell them to someone else. Personally, though, I think it is truly tacky to sell Christmas presents given to us on eBay. A better solution is to either buy ourselves what we really wanted or re-wrap those gifts and give them to someone you know will love them as much as you hated them. If you have a different solution to this problem, I'd love to hear from you! Thanks for listening to my vent...

Oh my, I forgot to tell you that as soon as I realized I can always go out and buy myself what I truly wanted, I wasn't as hurt anymore. However, I do still wish that my loved one's had remembered my interests and purchased Christmas gifts accordingly. Maybe next year they will? That would be nice. But I sure am not waiting until next Christmas to get what I want :)

Sorry I have to get back to work now...besides working on my January 10th magazine issue just now, I'm also in the middle of writing more in my third book. For the first time ever I made a New Year's Resolution for 2008. And that is to finally finish my fiction novel and get it published and and in your hands this year! So stay tuned for further developments with my upcoming book...

Again, Happy New Year! I pray that it is a great year for you.

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Publisher / Editor / Author
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