Monday, October 07, 2013

Anne R. Allen's Blog: The Laws of the (Amazon) Jungle—Eight Rules Author...

Anne R. Allen's Blog: The Laws of the (Amazon) Jungle—Eight Rules Author...: Everybody tells authors we must use social media to have successful careers in the E-age, but nobody talks much about the dangers that lurk...

You see the link above, my dear readers? Well, today I am sharing again. This time it is a definite "must-read!" for all writers / authors! That link goes to author Anne R. Allen's blog (with author Ruth Harris blogging too!), which is extremely informative and blew me away- it was that good! 

I would advise you to check this out so that you can stay safe, I mean really safe - protecting your author reputation and career safe - on the Internet. And I do not know why I never knew about Anne and Ruth's blog until today but I'm glad I finally found my way there! Thank you, Anne and Ruth. 

If I had known about their blog 12 years ago, when I first went full-time with my writing, I would never have gotten scammed by (probably calling themselves something different nowadays) and would not have had such a bad, nasty experience in 2009 on the site when a man, then another man and a woman, attacked me personally for a comment I wrote in regards to a cause I cared deeply about. I reported them to Care2 but it seems Care2 does not care about their members - my own profile is no longer on Care2 but yet I still receive their emails. Go figure! Now go read - happy reading!

Enjoy the very helpful and scary info Anne shares with you about social media sites! 

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